c’est l’ histoire d’une famille de Yogis & du Mana Polynésien.

Notre team est constituée de véritables passionées du Yoga et de son enseignement.








Vinyasa Flow teacher;
I’m Tehana Paez, born and raised in Tahiti, citizen of the World! I discovered Yoga at Saddleback College in California in Fall 2012 with Lindsay Steinriede. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor by Cloud Nine Yoga Studio and School, since July 2014, with Courtney James Parkyn and Debra Berardi as my beautiful teachers. Now I am teaching in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Together, let’s keep on spreading Love!
Sharleen comes from a small village in the Alps and soon felt the need to explore the world, to live, feel and share.It was during those first trips to the antipodes that she discovers surfing and yoga. « For me traveling was a way to find myself , but when I attended my first yoga class in Bali, I was really concerned by this approach to life, this awareness of my body and my breath, all I wanted when I got back to France , was to start again ».She then decided to go to India, where she studied the asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda centers. She then obtained an internationally recognized diploma.Sharleen also continues to study vinyasa yoga, therapy yoga, and often goes training all around the world. Her courses are held in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, divided into several sequences, from the breathing to the basic postures, either in group workshops or individually with deep stretching up to relaxation.For those who fear the difficult asanas, Sharleen likes to break them up in several stages to make them accessible to all levels.
Sharleen is currently traveling aboard to develop workshops and organize retreats all over the world to share here love and passion of Yoga. She often comeback to here roots in Tahiti to give classes and resource herself, where everything started  




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